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Denna volym utgavs i samband med utställningen på Galerie Wittert (Université de Liegé) och finansierades av "Literature and Media Innovation" IAP programmet initierat av det belgiska Science Policy Office.

"To turn steadily through the pages of this book of photography and words is to wander through a land of strangeness and secrecy, where we are enjoined to follow a figure who occupies and activates a place inside her world and outside ours. Delville and Waltregny introduce us to a fabulous thought, where the interplay of the textual and textural is quite amazing. Here, they have spun together text and image into a borderless world, of bliss and contagion, of intrigue and loss, of childlike fun and the gravity of time. This is a book of endless wonder, a Victorian curio, an intimate treasure to be pored over. In wider terms, this publication is a seamless continuation of the great, albethey broad spectrum, Belgian Surrealist traditions. Here we have a discursive relation between mediums, umbrellaed by the concept of a nineteenth- century fantastical reality. It is a chimera, sent tu us by travellers who have made their way to a new land, an exceptional and thrilling form. a elegantly forged multivalent at which to ponder and delight."


 -Mark Atkins, London, January 5, 2017

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